Not a single breath of you
I breathed in, is alive inside
Being so close to you was toxic




I am poisonous
I am putrefying
Beware of my broken thorns
You touch it, you may die
Don’t push me away yet
Leave me where I belong


Helpless like a fish,

A fish
Bought and brought up
In gaze of glass
Released into the wild
Baffled at big waters
Of storms and splashes
Hard to swim or dive
Learnt to float
But this fear of freedom
Where shall I hide?

There is a globe inside the glass
Skin shackled to the jar
Let it rot
Where it belongs
Here beside you
With your gaze stuck at the glass pot;
O you look at me
Observe me
See me through agonized
I will smile with blood brimming my eyes
For I am watched
If not loved and prized

© Written Frames, 2017



and how time flies…. 🙂 🙂

The fish always learn to shed off the skin of habit and break the glass to freedom and new opportunities…..

What is next to come? Only tomorrow will tell …..




That thing

Snare it barefaced

Blood of betrayal in swollen veins

Coincidental encroachment

Into the thick myriad of faces

Blink and save the identity of truth


That thing

Chokes on honey slurps

Exhales grotesque fumes that blur

The feigned mirror tutored to reflect lies-

Merry angels furbelowed in red and white


A play-play dullard is enforced awake

Rises through the saline storms of rift

The chasm chiseled for long with pain

Bloated chest deflates, free being victimized

Villainous laugh unchained


That thing

Shimmers with the shame engulfed

Once were the proud eyes to fall in love with

Bowed before the lash of vengeance

Wrinkles of mortified silence crack


Open and exposed


©Written Frames, 2018

See me then


See me when

When I belong to the sky of dusk

Sun-kissed simmering beauty unwraps the stars under twilight

The fierce falls silent in colorful peace painted with a pen

See me then


See me when

When I dream of the dreams you dream

Of graveled shores teased as you tiptoe the layers of the stream

Beneath the oceans I dwell with wrinkly fingers awake to the melody of passing by wren

See me then


See me when

When I am full of truth and you beside

Truth is fought and you accepted, a flower embosomed in this core of coal

The fist of petals unfurls, your stretched hand for me to hold and den

See me then


See me then

To watch me become forever yours

Till then, until we fall hard enough to rise

We wait!


©Written Frames, 2018

I fell in love, not with you


I fell in love, not with you

I have tendency to fall for sadness

Those melancholic liquid eyes I stare into

Grips me with familiarity of myself in the mirror

In quest to dig answers I often ask myself


No, I never fell for you

It is always me trying to love myself

By loving you in the ways

I never experienced

But have idolized so oft


Yes, announce me selfish if it soothes

So we all are

Broken ones to throw a welcome so warm

Offer to cocoon your silver shattered wings

Embalmed with a hope so to be answered

‘What if?’


What if this is what they call love?

What if this is how they love?

What if this is how one heals?

What if this is how one learns to love even after they leave?


Yes, I fell in love with you, so with me

Our flaws and foibles fused for forever

O you were healing

A picture cast on your ecstatic retina

Though not so smiling but content

To love you enough

For you to fly away


©Written Frames, 2018















The day


The closet contemplations of your long, so long nape

A grassland of my pastured longings, this pelt of pollarded hair

Morsels of your succulent salts drip in a droplet so inhumane

Layers of my skin set in trance, between my thighs a sweet pain


O I gaze, glare and swear and wonder why I wonder

You in the skin bathed with the summer nakedness aflame

Vision of the steamed back pawed with the bitten nails

Lying soaked above the sheets, covered with a mantilla of rays






Trickle down your arm stretched into a rivulet

Spiraling it seeps across the steep of a course so certain

Cuddling droplets congeal into a figure they resuscitate

I am materialized, an anatomy of your desires in shape

Melting body of an icicle, ready to be absorbed again

Call me in!


You turn over and look into the eyes gaped in a shockwave

Of rubescent cheeks with a sultry look hard to sedate

Closer I come, up I climbed, my webbed hands on your thighs

Prying lips buzz near the shade of earlobe so cold and shy

Hands squeeze, lips seize a mouthful of you and your delicious sighs

My breath dances on your neck, I closed my eyes


Ah yes!

Conceiving us with the dreams of the day

Of a wonderful afternoon that awaits!



©Written Frames, 2017

Say Peek-A-Boo


Laden eyelids curtain yellow stained sclera

It falls. Debilitating. Sun-baked and bleak.

Eye lashes wither away by turns

Whisk off towards faraway clarion

Luring chime pantomimes her wish for hope

Rest on a slipping palm to swear


She blew and it flown

Into the sky, briskly burnt by the dominant eye

Ash sprinkles in patterns of an omen

Cold shouldered behind the shade of a cryptic cloud

I seek your emergence

Say Peek-A-Boo!


Vestigial wings on wrinkled terrestrial body

Land borne vision ventures towards horizon

Shudders with the masked face running across the green

Halt. Take off. Snare me I plead

Say Peek-A-Boo!


Walking dead and bowed head

Crisp sight to behold the sights infinite

Yet so devoid of you

Where are you?


You exist.


I exist.


Do WE exist?


Perhaps we do. I know we do.


Beyond the skies, beyond the horizon we shall meet

In the space lit with fire

It burns covertly

Of what remains of body, wet eyelash and ash


My hands unfurl on your face

Brightened eyes nude of wait state

A wink, a gaze, world swirls with craze

An engulfing smile daunts distance left dazed

Free of fate and fleeting time

Whispering lips

Shivering words

We unite

We say Peek-A-Boo!


I seek you.

I need to see you.



©Written Frames, 2017

P.S. One day we will meet for sure!!