This heart is an enclosure

A cage forged of yesterday

The toil survived of today

A breath tinned for tomorrow

And an abandoned corner of sorrow

Of a piece given and lost


This entity is an audience

Walks to and fro

Past the echoes of the past

Unheard of deceptive tragedy

Befell on it deaf and dumb

And now a blindfold cast

Of the plays it play

Bland and oblivious

Of the corner

That darts tenebrous demeanor

Across the evocative loud room

Forbidden to radiate through

Must not touch the healing surface


Yet it stays, formidable to falter

Screams of the shattered

Ignored or perhaps adapted

But never forgotten!


Did you just say you moved on?


Wonder again

The breaths you take

In faraway land

In wait of love to hit again

And you emanate into the same air

Which they inhale



Tide of time fails to wash away the imprints they left

But may fade


©Written Frames, 2017








47 thoughts on “Faded

  1. I’m not sure if it’s the late hour, or the subject matter but the bleakness of this fills me. I find myself in a room of stagnant air and desperately want to run to a window and open the shutters. But they won’t budge.
    We don’t notice the unlocked door.
    Look for the door, the windows may not budge but there is a way to let light in again.
    Your composition is bordering mastery. Signature you but somehow new layers of complexity are now interwoven.
    Damn fine. ❤️


    • Yes… We will always find a way to move on… to go on…. and we will proceed….however memories continue to halt over that moment …oh windows so obstinate that didn’t open for us when in need.

      I wonder how long it will take to trust the windows of the new place I moved into….

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thank you D!!

      Liked by 1 person

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