Dreams of avarice


Buoyant with brilliant eyes

She sails on the stream of time

Her aquatic heart, the amphibian mind

Suspended in distant waters

Her gaze settled above the saline


Pebbled path there she sees

Ready to take her through wild trees

Her sight skips the footprints that lead

And she ceased,

‘Dreams of peace are not welcome’, she reads.


O she rushes back before she is pulled in

Into a routine, a duty to fulfill

Of worldly matters

Of monetary gains

Of sick craze

To tramp the others on the path you chase


Flapping her limbs, succumbed to angst

She runs, she drops, she crawls

Into the bedaubed shrine so crystal mossed

She sinks deep and so her innocence within

Her Heart creased with those latent dreams

Submerged along, O she screams


She screams,






Strangest silence




Hands pressed against her vocals.


O my, she is afraid

What if the dormant demons inside appreciate the scene

Her eyes have seen in the land beyond

Of leg-cuffed deadweights dragging the dreams of avarice?


© Written Frames, 2017






28 thoughts on “Dreams of avarice

  1. In my mind, this is …exceptional … Shefali!
    It’s a rich write, as deep as the comfortable waters our protagonist emerges from. The theme entices thought… what may at first seem like progress is more involution of the soul, rather than evolution.
    And when you mention the “amphibian mind” it perfectly describes what must be true of humanity. We are almost primordial in some ways: how empathy is replaced so often by selfish drive. What price progress if our spiritual depths become an evaporated sea?

    Beyond the theme, I was halted by some wonderful phrases:
    “she runs, she drops, she crawls, into the bedaubed shrine so crystal mossed”. Oh sweet inspiration you plucked and held bouquet high!

    Thank you for enriching my evening with art
    D ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder how can you decode it with the exact key I encoded it with.

      You are a wonder yourself to feel my words there in your heart and give such an apt explanation.

      Though dark, this piece has a hidden message of how we are not born evil, we are cultivated to grow evil with time of unfavourable circumstances and the need of time to be a part of this rat race to exceed and be superior…. We hurt many to save ourselves getting hurt!!!….

      Thank you sweetest D…. 💕💕💕💕

      You are a huge motivation. And I am proud that I make you feel proud… 😊😊😊😊😊


      • Your words required no high level encryption, sweet lady.
        I simply had to sit by you as you wrote … engrossed in your subject, and florid phrases.

        Your words are a concentrated elixir that flood my air with a lingering aroma. I never let their scent truly fade, waiting for the next time….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh….this is too dark to to find the breath….for the reading soul…where have you hidden all such immense feelings….it definitely would have taken a real sad mood ….immersed into the innocent and wealthy heart….to pen down these lines…and after doing so….your heart would have felt the unimaginable comfort and satisfaction…that would leave the hangover for many days….great…!

    Liked by 1 person

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