The Night


Thousands of reflections live the flicker and ripple of water, intrigued with the flirtatious graze of breeze on it. The buildings are half lit and the city dwellers are almost slept. The street lamps glow in its purposeful glory to shine through the darkest corners of this prolonged night. Anything that claims the empty streets is neither living nor dead, but shadows.

And here I stand, all by myself, with this world around me as my solitude. The cumulonimbus cloud of the cigarettes I puff shapes silent towers of ignorance around me. The view of gleaming water stirs a saddle of thought in the stagnancy of noise and debris this mind is filled with. There is a tacit silence in the air, the kind of consent that torments any living cell to scream aloud to itself. How beautifully every source of light seems to reflect just right on this dark-dark night! Perhaps it is in the dark itself, we enjoy the light of few and so the light within.

I am thoughtful tonight and so I am since many nights, finding the reason why I live.

Why do you live?

©Written Frames, 2018




Be a man, revered

Not the rank you proudly hold,

Work speaks for itself


Why at times we have to come up with sugar coated words, and hide our disappointment and annoyance at them? Is it us being sophisticated and civilized, not to say a word before them, but to bitch at their back?

I have seen people holding an important position, adulated and bootlicked which is mistaken for respect and reverence.

But are they aware that it is not their character or work which is cherished but the fear of their position? I wonder if demeaning nature of power and post can be fathomed by the preachers of it.

What would you prefer? Being just labelled or respected?

Label adds to the value; however, I wonder if one short of values can actually be at peace with just one labelled value?

Integrity and value is something that unites the materialistic you and the spiritual you.

Who doesn’t wish for a peaceful sleep?

Integrity is a preference given to you to be yourself when everyone wishes to be someone else.

Love what you do and do it with an honor for self.

Save yourself.

❤ ❤ ❤




© Written Frames, 2017


Why we intend to die?


The blatant cold of winter
Inside it shamelessly resides
Though the sun up there
It does seamlessly glorify
Pitched in dark we love
Why we keep the hide?
Tired and tried
Of failure, fate and customs
All the excuses we do put,
Lovely days forward
Wonder why we intend to die?

It is the very meaning of life that interests me today. How deep the meaning is yet so shallow when defined at the whim of others. They say life is for god to give or take. Then who are we to develop the taste of blood? Who are we to pull the trigger for the life to breathe its last into the vacuum of nothingness?

I wonder of the times I felt it was easier to die than to bear with the difficult situation I was in. How we wish our hearts to stop rather than it to beat with the pain of loss, failures or being deceived or tormented at the hands of destiny.

When will we learn to marvel at our own existence? Do we need to wait for a lunatic to take a life away to make us realize what we have been compromising so far?

Hardships and adversities will never leave our side. The path might be treacherous and scary, but it is the most difficult trails engulfed with walls of sand and stones which lead you to acclaim the beauty of the mountains and the valleys.

Love your life, do what you like. Do not be hesitant of the problems that arrive. Live to cherish every stone turned in your way and remember that resistance is significant to the one who is dynamic.


P.S. Doesn’t matter where it happened, why it happened but it happened and that is a shame.

My deepest sympathies with the ones who suffered.

Pray for people of Las Vegas!

© Written Frames, 2017


You move on . . . . . .


“What happened to you? “
” Nothing”
“Tell me, anything wrong?”
“You have to tell me… what happened?”
“I do not know

I wonder how to help a soul, unaware of her needs.

Something inexplicable over something unprecedented gets into you which affects you unknowingly. Things happen and are accepted at the name of time and continuity. Dynamic and fleeting.

As such times come so it go away but what remains within is silence, confusion and unasked, unanswered questions. We tend to forget as the transient emotion fades away but impressions last forever on the most inner and hidden walls of your integrity.

How can we fathom them all if we are unaware of with what name it to call???

All that is left to do is to put yourself at peace.

Delusional with lies , you pamper yourself believing every lie you told is of course right!

And you move on.



Traumatic clamour of uncertainties ….


Amidst of maybes and maybe not ,

There are definite yeses and noes

Which we try to avoid and ignore.

Why are we so oriented towards negativity that every false word said, sounds more credible and received with resolute certainty? Why are we so susceptible to listen to the outer discouraging noise and fail to even hear the inner voice? Why darkness continues to exist even when it is broad daylight? Why have we developed a special liking for it to feel at home as it resides in our heart and mind?

Someone calls you ugly and you put ugliness to be defined as if it has something to do with your small eyes, not so full lips, and the complexion being not up to the mark, the mark which is anyway a standard of unknown establishment. All are constructed, manipulated and put in trend by us humans to tread and trample other fellow humans in order to create an illusion of excellence and superiority. They question your weaknesses and you tend to disown your strength, falling prey to the very well exposed snare of doubt. They are skeptical if you can do it and you are almost sure that you cannot, for the times you believed in challenges is gone with your childhood. You are an adult who thinks what others think of you and let them control your limits and boundaries. I wonder how do we get to know the limits unless we push it to go beyond what is customary?

Someone calls you beautiful and you name the compliment a sarcasm in disguise – ‘No, tis a tease. A lie to put my poor heart on hold.’. You get a favor done to you and all you return is the questioned benevolence. Why do we tend to find hidden motives behind every good thing happens to us? We accept kindness, we welcome the help, we address the good, but never without a second, a third or many more revisions and thoughts. Is it us being aware and conscious or us being pessimistic for not to believe in one go? Are we in the land where words like trust and faith are there only to beautify the quotes? I struggle to think and imagine a life when there are no second thoughts about our existence, acquaintances, preferences and dislikes. Indeed, this traumatic clamor of uncertainties stick to us like a shadow in the daytime and is what we sleep with at night.

The chains of pessimism and lack of confidence bind us all. The noise will be amplified at every turn you take in life. With every single decibel of the noise you take in, there triggers a deluge within to take you away from your beliefs and make you believe in what they believe. You will be drenched and pushed into the swamp of your own strangulated faith, seeking for a breath, standing on the podium of accepted truth in falsity. I wonder if we have seen enough atrocity and dark in life that our eyes fail to adjust to the light of good? Why don’t we just put filters to the noise and listen to ourselves for once. I wonder, how difficult it is to actually believe in something or someone without any differences and skepticism.

To believe is not about what you think is right. To believe is to hang on to something you wish to exist. To believe is to live every feeling. ‘I trust you’, you believe not to be hurt this time. ‘I love you’, a belief, not to be alone by heart anymore. ‘I miss you’, you believe in the memories you lived. To believe is to risk yourself towards the uncertainties. The good, the bad might occur, but the belief that it befalls for good again is what keeps you go on with the belief – ‘Everything is just going to be fine’.

Be a devotee to your belief, not to your fate !!!