Not a single breath of you
I breathed in is alive inside
Being so close to you was toxic




I am poisonous
I am putrefying
Beware of my broken thorns
You touch it, you may die
Don’t push me away yet
Leave me where I belong
Helpless like a fish
Bought and brought up
In gaze of glass
Released into the wild
Baffled at big water
Of storms and splashes
Hard to swim or dive
Learnt to float
Fear of freedom
Where shall I hide?
There is globe inside the glass
Skin shackled to the jar
Let it rot
Where it belongs
Here beside you
With your gaze stuck at the glass pot;
Look at me
Observe me
See me through agonized
I will smile with blood in my eyes
For I am watched
If not loved and prized.

© Written Frames, 2017



Am I brave enough?


Clinging to my not so homey bed
Curtains drawn to its full length
Let me pretend it still be night
Am I brave enough,
To let through the morning light?

An unused pen lost its sense,
Blank paper got crushed in offense
Soulful words erode in inkless violence
Am I brave enough,
To challenge myself being hesitant?

Stuck with a job sans interest
Paper, sheets flutter in sordid silence
A blue chair weighs down with a mind-dead witness
Am I brave enough,
To risk my comfortable consistence?

A lover kept behind the shades
Memories lurking inside don’t fade
Ego clashes splash colorless blood on blades
Am I brave enough
To Let go of relation, so secluded to be a soul mate?

O there, a distant cry derails my caprice
Baffled at the familiar tease
Here I braved for a peak
Blatant sight of Sun and my innocent sins
I see a stark scenery failed to please.

All I foresee is bare land and regret
The dreams I pretend to forget
What to sow and what to beget
I flinch, I shrink, I sweat
No, I am not brave enough yet!!

© Written Frames, 2017


She is the reason #3


She puckered her lips

Passionately she placed on mine

And in the folds of time

I have lost myself

Rubbing my eyes opened to what

Is past or what is right?

As if I have lived my prime

In her warm rosy breath,

Embraced, loved and forgiven

In the chills of winter vibes

Layered with her scent of skin

I survived.


And there in her premises

I thought I nearly died;

Oh how she looked at me!

Or how I looked at her!!

She with her closed eyes

Those lethal lips she did pout

Still stick to mine

I witness my rise and fall

In the same moment, under one sky

Her beautiful locks held my hope,

She took my breath away

As I wish to ascend as a more human tonight.


© Written Frames, 2017




As they look at you, you are complete

And you vacant by heart, in dire need

Tears trickle down the untouched cheeks

As if sky pours on fallen autumn leaves.


Torn into pieces, crushed and cracked

Taken away with the flow, get mud leashed

You swim with the woeful will of shackled belief

Servile stare at them who still sway on trees.


Dried but to the drowned they look complete

Succumbed to the change, the bleached would fall

Each will follow the drenched, how mighty they may be,

For how long hope could be a living possibility?


Hope is a beautiful lie you convince yourselves with; for truth is far-fetched without a sign of hope.

Hope sustains the possibility of long run happiness rather than a perfect, permanent, present damage.


© Written Frames, 2017


Trickery of a tipsy lover


Am I haunted?

Your memory is still so fresh like a drop of morning dew swaying in folds of a budding flower.

The more I avoid you, the more I think of you as if I am not myself but a figure of the present who revives the forbidden version of a forsaken identity to take control of my will.

I am haunted by the old me whom I have buried long back in the dirt of past; the fraudulent past when we had seen our not-so-proud-of future together.

‘It is not working for us’ – Is this how relations tend to enter into the state of despair and then end?

Over one single line??

What right do we have to inflict unimaginable and inexplicable damage to the rays of hope that awaits to shine through the possible perforations of the opaque clouds of pessimism? To get over with what we have over a single line is cruel, just cruel.

There standing by the platform amidst of the pouring sky, running trains, piercing wind and clatter of crowd around, I still tend to tarry in the woods of loneliness oscillating between the logic of ‘I love you’ turned to ‘I do not love you anymore’.

Were you as high that night as I am tonight to give up on me just like that?


Am I haunted?
Am I vulnerable?
Yes, I was
But not tonight,
Tonight I am without flaws
No conditions and no clause;
I might ramble
My words will shamble;
Yet out of courtesy
For your pride and relief,
Your wronged sword
Of silence and escape
You are accustomed to sheathe,
I ask you to ignore
what I just blithered
And heedlessly said,
The same way
You ignored me then.

Yes! Ignore me
Definite yes to all
There are no maybes,
Yes! I am free
Cheers! I feel so free!!
Here, Cheers again!!
No pain, have no one to tail
Cheers!! I am happy again;
And there my words
With my eyes, they do not qualify
I made toasts but then I cry
To fake my elation
How long shall I try?
I cry over my irreparable injury,
I am at the verge of losing it
And the foot is slippery
I feel so miserable
For I failed
At my trickery
To feign my love
For the sweet
When all I get to taste
Is savory.

© Written Frames, 2017


Who am I?


Gushing wind and the cold night

No soul, no shadow by my side

It is deep deadly dark inside

How it cowers, my exceptional pride

Silent whispers break the inner blight

I think of great good men

The hypocrites all passing by

Every critic stare questions me

Who am I?


Who are you? Do you often happen to ask this question to yourself? – I do.

Do I get my answers? -No. I choose not to.

It is ongoing feud between what you are and what you think you are. The skill of escape is mastered by us all.

However, at times, it is suffocating. I do not have stamina to run forever.


In the dark, I could not see anyone to blame onto,

In its silence, I hear no one to my rescue

Distraction doesn’t come to me;

Tonight, I have my ego, my pride on the menu.



© Written Frames, 2017