A letter to you


A beautiful bright day and a sensation of dance in air.

The leaves rustle, swirl their way down to earth.

A new beginning is marked.


Hair flicks flap on my forehead, I curl them behind the ear.

Whispers of our oceans-apart love, I surrender to listen.

My lips stretch wide in a smile.


The shiver of winter and the wait recedes, I sigh.

Warmth of you beguiles, my skin breathes of summer embrace.

I continue my stride.


Perhaps the weather inside is so serene and the clouds sheen white.

My sense is in favor to sense the same outside, I see ecstasy!

I accept the vastness of skies.


Poems of oceans are ready to rhyme us in; we exist in between the lines.

Close your eyes and feel what I feel, our hearts beat in rhythm.

We are the mermaids of this time. (Not so ordinary)


Listen, O Listen. The birds sing of love.

Darling, I will be seeing you soon enough.

Wait for me … …. …


©Written Frames, 2018




Love stays


we lose beloveds but never the love

repressed it lies quite, perhaps lying latent

beneath the coat of dubiety and complaints

burgeoning misunderstanding and priority fades

accused of carelessness, hearts are betrayed


we lose lovers but the love stays

in sparkle of night skies, we see when alone

the petrichor to amplify your lover’s cologne

wind whispers the tales of hair brushed aside

echo of the gone-green, forest fire ignites


we lose lovers but the love does sigh

well-being of seeds from wilted plant of love

memory of spring reveals to the Sun of dusk

epistles of affection plead to their rising eyes

tribute to love, follow morrow’s sunrise


it speaks of my heart

the Sun is forever between us to confide

I wish you love, be loved and smile ….



©Written Frames, 2018



we are bracing blue waters

indivisible with a palm line drawn

grazing touch from head to toe

we cohere, our shared bonds


rumbling of the night we met

reaches the heavens sparkling heft

mitosis of the stars, thunders unbolt

we combine and between us,

an exoergic downpour


fluent stream of affection forecasts

dulcet echo of our tongues clasped

click, click, such luscious schmatz

pirouette of the miscible will last,

this thirst of romance


unyielding …


o dear, my dear

what if heavens decry?

our ‘unusual’ love and the ‘common’ eyes pry

we are on trial, we shalt not cease to try

you know, change is just a matter of time


………..  (Just in case if time reclines)


O, mock the skies about to cleave

let them unlatch the housed lightning

strike the fated chains, us electrified

parting from the earth we vaporized

hands held, in the air we fly

divisible but inseparable

together we swirl to the skies





© Written Frames, 2018


PS : I have been so water inspired lately that not in my farthest dreams I knew I would be kicked in with ideas around chemistry of water and a simple chemical reaction involved in its formation.






graffiti of time, so layered with grime

lost is her luster, accustomed eyes’ crime


scatter some white, the powder on her rind

cloak of cellophane tape to wrap and bind


stiff is the nude, her transparency chastised

scrape off, such scarred impressions she hide


testimony of love, lust and of dying stars

fingerprints of lost lovers, the skin so marred


embossed in such doleful memoir is her skin

the recital of handprints she was cradled in


gather the latent, dust off these remains

off memory, off complaint, so free of stains


weep, weep, let her weep all she needs

scrub it off, wipe it off, score her skin till it bleeds


behold her blank wall, o the artists enthralled

an exotic art awaits her to cherish and own


she deserves


© Written Frames, 2018

Image Source: Pinterest




receding waves vowed to hit

seashore rimmed of onlookers

impressions of steady feet are moist

earth of my body powders and slips in


from the earth, to the earth

circle of living profuse in pavements

of fragments deposited by flow of time

a new arc, a new phase of life


a sediment hither

I settle here for the time


©Written Frames, 2018


Between life and death


wellsprings of oceans sprout

drenching me, tempting me

of philtre that spins

perfumes my skin of you


sheathe me in your swirls

patchwork of waters against my chest

seeps into mold of a heart so pearlescent

you swim in my depths


not a wading bird to peck

you veneered and glistened of sun rays

capsize me, take me within your folds

to kiss a kiss a hundred times

before my second go


shall dive into your depths

drown not, but float

my nascent gills befriend the breath

Love, yet a life between life and death


You all witness the rebirth of us as love is born between us … …


© Written Frames, 2018