I wake up, vowing to live

mornings with missing eyelashes


knowing, I dream a lot

with dreams, I wish whatnot


if a lash lands on your palm; the chances,

forget not to blow it off


knowing, it is coming from me

a dandelion leaf of the magic foreseen


blown into the stardust of universe, and

song of connecting strings


we hold



It was already an hour into the new year and I could not hit the bed just then. My mind runs on a a poetic engine and a poem was so necessary to fuel it up into next gear.

Here is a poem to a year full of dreams and wishes to come true. Happy New Year pals!

❤ ❤

Every day is new and may you do something new each day. Make every moment count.

Lots of love and gratitude for your continuous support!

Hope you like the poem! ❤


©Written Frames, 2019




What kind of dreams come true?


oblivious of what we people want

we weave dreams, illusive ones

which we never intend to support


we cry for inevitable

one anyway dies, one anyway lives, sooner or later

talons of fate for sure know how to collar

an iota of odds in favor, then eluding dreamer’s eye

in fact, the stage is set with a backdrop of failed trials


days and nights abound, we circle around

inquiring about the bull’s eye and what’s such in rage,

by then the passion of bowstring fades; the fancies

found in shoreline art weeping with receding waves,

lines in the palm portraying a different shape


we cry, we curse, we criticize,

and we lie to ourselves (Yes, to ourselves!)

forging a false belief, altering a dream within a dream

and, accept the unprecedented as our destiny

as if we humans are obedient kids, know not to rebel


I wonder how we surrender

to the upkeep, to the promises, to the luxury, to the assured bright

of future we hold our hope in

unless the promised timeline coincides,

future is what if not tomorrow’s ‘today’s time’?


I ponder what kind of dreams come true

or is it the dreamer who has more potential than you?

why do you agree to leave things behind, the things that are dear to you?

and hold on to things you never wish to?


the dreamer within is in deep sleep

with saddened beat and smothered heat

lips are bitten with a blemishing smile of a victim

scared and slaved to breathe, we lie there in hope-

to get hunt by fate in any shape, in any form

for the rebel inside us is no more


when standing in a desert with deserted hope

wondering what rivers to quest

having no thirst to quench anymore…..?


© Written Frames,2018



often do I look up,

behold beyond my vision and height

teetering trail of hallucinated,

heedless of the feet stiffened

walk of the terrestrial trammeled by traps

notice not the blood and bruise, such a façade

for a fantast willing to assess the skies

vigilant to the wings, I’m meant to fly


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


like a child

with a virtuous visual of everything

feasible is all, not timid to overthink

flapping the limbs, cape of certainty flutters

leaps forward with a swing, and slips

the fall of the persistent, dust off the cheeks

ready to leap, back to his feet

thus pitied, the mother’s rush to rescue

she signals to the scraped knees


now he weeps,

dousing the hiccups of dreaming…


©Written Frames, 2018


The more we claim to be rational and wise, the more we are calculative of the fall; reluctant to attempt for once more…..

Another day


Squinting eyes upon you

As you quieten under the curtail so heavy and dark

Aspiration of first rays to greet me

Knock at my closed doors

To kiss me through the crevices of time so gone

Oh perhaps! soldered around me is an unseen wall, held you unmoved

My delusional comfort with night prolongs this life of lies

I could not listen you say

Wake up… wake up now….


Eyes prostrating upon you

Your arms bloom to clench the wide skies

You blink in approval to my wishful cry

Dance of fire in between the silence of smothered and a chaotic heart

To weave a victory from thread of dreams of endeavor

You smolder a spark that puts within

So a duel with the encrusting twilight provoked

Wake up… you wake up now….


Another day is gone

Flourishing this drought in eyes so bled on your farewell

The usual knocks answered with silence


I didn’t wake up

O I just didn’t


©Written Frames, 2018

See me then


See me when

When I belong to the sky of dusk

Sun-kissed simmering beauty unwraps the stars under twilight

The fierce falls silent in colorful peace painted with a pen

See me then


See me when

When I dream of the dreams you dream

Of graveled shores teased as you tiptoe the layers of the stream

Beneath the oceans I dwell with wrinkly fingers awake to the melody of passing by wren

See me then


See me when

When I am full of truth and you beside

Truth is fought and you accepted, a flower embosomed in this core of coal

The fist of petals unfurls, your stretched hand for me to hold and den

See me then


See me then

To watch me become forever yours

Till then, until we fall hard enough to rise

We wait!


©Written Frames, 2018



My dearest

Birds are chirping,

The leaves not so dry

Rustling under harmonious piping

Of squinting sunrays

Seek thy attention before them fall;


It is today

When the grated heart of past is layered,

And you still in the bed

Me glaring at you

For the whole night I hope,

But, still could not visualize your features

Perhaps it is in dreams where the real comes true!


A droplet,

Struggling on your cheeks

Seeks an identity, however

It sways with the stretch of your lips

My soft nibbles on them

I am so obstinate

O I leaned heavy over them too

Loved and lost

Those tears we shared,

We were happily sad together!


And there with that caress of my lips

Against your warm skin

I do sweep it all

I am empowered west wind

With the touch of my hand

O on your beautiful, beautiful eyes

Though closed, yet a promise to shed no more

Flakes of remembrance and tears

I do bear, so you would that I know

Without you to touch, I would be an empty shore


Oh I leave, I have to!



©Written Frames, 2017