Between life and death


wellsprings of oceans sprout

drenching me, tempting me

of philtre that spins

perfumes my skin of you


sheathe me in your swirls

patchwork of waters against my chest

seeps into mold of a heart so pearlescent

you swim in my depths


not a wading bird to peck

you veneered and glistened of sun rays

capsize me, take me within your folds

to kiss a kiss a hundred times

before my second go


shall dive into your depths

drown not, but float

my nascent gills befriend the breath

Love, yet a life between life and death


You all witness the rebirth of us as love is born between us … …


© Written Frames, 2018

34 thoughts on “Between life and death

  1. I find your concept of “love … a life between life and death” both profound and beguiling. For so it shall be, as certain as we are born and shall perish. Love is the answer to our question of existence.
    I adore your metaphors and connect from the first sentence … you drench me in truly beautiful verse.
    I will read this over and over; I feel you….

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  2. sherin

    So you have the gift of connecting to a part of nature with your own interpretations. Correct madam? It is difficult for a reader like me to understand all your posts, but I don’t know there is a magical pull i guess.
    The water when touches our feet you compared it to love touching us?


  3. sherin

    You just need a picture or thought to start writing a poem on it. correct? Can I ask how long will it take for you to complete a poem?


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