Welcome to Written Frames


Welcome to the poetic regime of a 28 year old, working in IT industry, seeking independence and expression through her words.

I hope you find a companion in me; for words are something we can all relate to in one way or the other.

Written Frames exhibit snapshots from the moments of life we dearly love, the times we cannot forget and the transient emotions we are proud to possess. Let’s experience it through the frames that converse.

Not just a sequence of letters aimed to deliver a meaning but words are what design a perspective.

Stay connected !! ❀

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Written Frames

  1. The way you write and your wisdom amaze me in one so young. I do not say this out of disrespect. No. I say this with admiration. I have enough years attached to my name to be your Grandmother and have only come into “wisdom” the last 20 or so years of my life. Keep on writing and don’t ever cease dreaming that your writing poetry will take you to places in your life, making a way for you to do what you LOVE in ways that will astound you. Much Love and keep on shining …. πŸ’–

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