I fell in love, not with you


I fell in love, not with you

I have tendency to fall for sadness

Those melancholic liquid eyes I stare into

Grips me with familiarity of myself in the mirror

In quest to dig answers I often ask myself


No, I never fell for you

It is always me trying to love myself

By loving you in the ways

I never experienced

But have idolized so oft


Yes, announce me selfish if it soothes

So we all are

Broken ones to throw a welcome so warm

Offer to cocoon your silver shattered wings

Embalmed with a hope so to be answered

‘What if?’


What if this is what they call love?

What if this is how they love?

What if this is how one heals?

What if this is how one learns to love even after they leave?


Yes, I fell in love with you, so with me

Our flaws and foibles fused for forever

O you were healing

A picture cast on your ecstatic retina

Though not so smiling but content

To love you enough

For you to fly away


©Written Frames, 2018















47 thoughts on “I fell in love, not with you

  1. Oh it would be easy to commend you for a nice flow of words, or my well known admiration for an alliterative run (“our flaws and foibles fused for forever… but it’s the soul searching underbelly of this write that slays me.

    What if this is a all some exquisite journey of you finding yourself? Then dear poet it is a sublime pleasure for us to observe in quiet reticence as you seek answers.
    May the love that is a mystery to you envelop and surprise you when you are dancing in your own, mirrored liquid eyes. When you love you, and you loves you back all the questions you ask will be known to you. It is ignorant arrogance to believe that self love is requited love … yet it must come first.
    In the meantime, you captivate me over and again … ♥️

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    • I will never miss a dose of alliterations to include in my poems for the love of capturing Diana!! ❤

      And yes to the first what-if. I am on a journey with a vague idea of where to go! Life is un-supervised learning 🙂 hehe…

      And very true, I personally believe how we cannot love anyone unless we love ourselves. And I wonder, if all the good work we tend to do to affect others live positivity ultimately adds for us to love ourselves more. We are selflessly selfish! 🙂

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