I wake up, vowing to live

mornings with missing eyelashes


knowing, I dream a lot

with dreams, I wish whatnot


if a lash lands on your palm; the chances,

forget not to blow it off


knowing, it is coming from me

a dandelion leaf of the magic foreseen


blown into the stardust of universe, and

song of connecting strings


we hold



It was already an hour into the new year and I could not hit the bed just then. My mind runs on a a poetic engine and a poem was so necessary to fuel it up into next gear.

Here is a poem to a year full of dreams and wishes to come true. Happy New Year pals!

❤ ❤

Every day is new and may you do something new each day. Make every moment count.

Lots of love and gratitude for your continuous support!

Hope you like the poem! ❤


©Written Frames, 2019




Make me believe


a multitude of leaves yellowed and dried

with a finger on lip

a few bit their tongue tip

doomed to be crushed, silently they lie

or am I deaf? No, none of them cried;

seasonally promised of rebirth-

they believed


so are we? we are parched and dried,

plucked from our hives, tired of our fights

flown off to faraway lands- barren and bare

no roots to provide refuge and no touch of care

will we ever bloom again?

do we deserve another shower of rain?


make me believe we do

I will bloom, I long for you.


To believe is not about what you think is right. To believe is to hang on to something you wish to exist.

To believe is to hope.


© Written Frames, 2018




Just as I think I know what love is-

a single wide walkway ahead,

with sunflower shrubbery and butterfly wings

sky shines and the birds sing

a celestial staircase spiraling to clouds


Just as I brim with what love is-

lacustrine tranquility filling my eyes,

your slender fingers bewitch my lips-

hush my darling! hush, hush;

I’m a captive as your palm swings,

sweeping fog and mist;

my iris shrinking


Just as I know what design of love is

eleventy many of divergent paths unravel

flowers and wings from your palms blossom

prostrating towards horizon it waits

for we must walk such walks

sometime soon and awake

under sunlit lullabies


O sweetheart,

just as I think I know what love is

you give me millions reasons to believe,

there is more to it

there is always more to it


yet so grateful I feel



©Written Frames, 2018

Writing after a drought of almost two months… Not sure what left me, is it life or poetry!



what are eyes without any light,

if not in love?

If not dreaming?


I am soaked in my bed

imbued with darkness all around

such is the roof I know

that cannot have my wanderings bound


there I see many suns rising

and many a moon does shine

eternal sprouting of yearning and ache,

satiates as a day breaks into infinite


the days we have spent,

and, yet a life to spend with you


singular is my love for you

with multitude of hues imparted

sky of my skin brims of love and rain

there rainbows gleam un-thwarted


rapacious is the deluge of my desires

thinking of you, longing for you

lower your embankments as I knock

as your heart echoes, ‘I love you too’


embrace me whole

drenching you, quenching you…


©Written Frames, 2018

Love and dreams know no bounds. It wanders in quest of passion and perseverance.





the one who lose them,

they are known for years



the ones who lose me alike

do they know me for years?


we intersect at a time,

else were the parallel lines,

where a bifurcation begins


yet we collide,

our hands held for a while

foreshadows a third road,

somewhere it to be laid

for us to walk together then




we tread on a bridge of crumbling cards,

the game is lost since the start,

but, a few steps are firm to fall

only if we tell a spade from a heart,

as yearnings never forsake

a living hearth burning of love


perhaps”, I say

as my heart burns now


©Written Frames, 2018

Uncertainty is yet an another indication to your undeniable affinity towards the source of it.