Take me


Your elegant touch

On my diligently hushed skin

With soapy mousse crowned

Smear forth the froth

Knead my skin in layers of you


See that spot on spicy smiles

A brilliant blink blooms in eyes

Nibble tease on my neck

Misty mirror cast bedimmed reflections

Shy of exquisite initials etched


In your arms-cage

Captivated and surrendered

Desires so restrained exhaled

Dripping from your lips

Dreamlike flames

Sipping the sap of your soul I seek


Slurping lips, interlaced grips

Ah!! With a splash we dash

Entwined ecstasy

Dance of dangling droplets

Heat radiates from the gaps

Steamy surmounted frames

In between a rainbow does rise


I am a vagabond and you are my ride

Take me to the places

I sigh



©Written Frames, 2017








34 thoughts on “Take me

  1. Sweet vagabond, your journey begins in a steamy soapy mousse of blissful self discovery … but pack your bindle, this sensual path is destined to be shared.

    I adore your use of heady alliterations: the spiced smiles, desires dripping dreamlike and dancing,dangled droplets.
    This is a “work of midnight hours”.
    I’m captivated. Take me …

    Liked by 1 person

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