I am viciously flavorful . . .


How can you hate me?

Hate them who did good to you

If ever you allowed them to,

And now they lay motionless

When you need them to your rescue.

How can you hate me?

O tell me…. exactly how,

For I am just the one, who

Tormented your ego

Bewitched your pride

Throttled your freedom

And let you degrade yourself

With the jealousy amplified.

Right, I am just the one

who makes you sigh as you see me

And groans if you ever miss to be

An apparition of your longings

A fragment of your reflection

A taste to your tongue, too gaudy

And your sense of indecisions

Is inebriated with smell of my body.

I taunt you again, hate me

O my darling …

Forget the colors of the sky

Leave me, you dare to give it a try

Your tears will suck in

A deluge, a turbulence within

Your soul will be haunted

Deceived of obsession and disgrace,

You wander in dark, nothing to embrace

Just thwarted breath,

You are cold, and

The mouth full of distaste.

Agree, even if you don’t want to be,

If not my cursed love-

Let me warn you again

-Your heart will bruise in open spree


I am viciously flavorful

For you to bid yourself free of me.


My dear, you are helplessly restrained in the chains of my love. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Daily Post : Flavorful


24 thoughts on “I am viciously flavorful . . .

  1. Reading this, I actually found it scary.. not because it was daunting or so, but because there are feelings so intense that sometimes, it reaches a level when everything else seems so miniscule and you become audacious enough to face anything that comes your way..!!

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      • Point well made… That’s actually because feelings, however personal they are, are because of our dependency and attachment to others. The personal too is dependent.
        Sad but it changes with the change in attachment. At times, its just exhilarating with joy and for the same person, its so toxicating. The change is so real, bringing us closer to what we were and what we have now become.

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        • You mentioned the word attachment and it takes me to one black and white section of a newspaper I read sometime back on one fine Sunday morning, it says – ‘Hundred percent attachment is what leads to the beginning of the process of detachment’ – at least this is the meaning I elicit from the writing

          Well, to feel is one intricate path to living however inevitable. You walk on it or avoid it, you are doomed either way.

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