Your presence stings me..


You are lost in your thoughts

Of yesterday of tomorrow,

You are strayed in the places

Of darkness and you cringe

To see a morrow.


Adrift, you lie here

Forgetful of my presence,

You pretend to be beguiled

With a smile I fake

As you miss my every said sentence.


The times you drugged me

Your sip of care and affection,

Addictive to your touch

As you fondled my lips and hair

And your showcase of overprotection.


The nights we stayed up

Your eyes fixed on mine,

Endless talks and giggles I cherish

With a heart pounding inside, I thought

You and I, forever this spark will shine.


Your absence corroded me then

And now a matter of peace

Of familiarity, of belongingness and loved,

I recreate the memories of what you were

For your presence is what stings me now.




27 thoughts on “Your presence stings me..

    • My heart goes with you. It is weird indeed, how at first we are asked to change and then complained about why we changed.

      But people do change. It is ongoing and inevitable. What remains constant is emotion attached to the memories we possess which of course takes a strong heart to hold onto. May you have enough courage to retain the beauty of what grew in your heart.

      Take care love ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Times so challenging..😔😔 I would say this time is something we never ever wish for, but the way you have beautifully elucidated the torment of this phase is worth a read..!!

    Also, I would just like to say, the way you have embraced the beauty of what you have/don’t have now is not what everybody else can practically do. Not sating much, I would be glad to see more of your verse .. ❤️❤️

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  2. MNL

    I love the way the last paragraph twists and finishes off the poem:
    “Your absence corroded me then …..
    For your presence is what stings me now.”
    It’s like a perfect circle

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