Poetry of Routine : Finding loophole


blood in my veins races in a loop

on infinity petals of a knot

a knot in muscle, a knot in tongue

feeding contortions of silence,

a caged hamster runs

to please, be pleased

now faltering for a breath


with binaries of extremes

the ends never meeting

to love, now unloved

I am a spinning spindle, beseeching

a preemption with the hand grazing

brooding over its fuzzy logic

let me hear myself say ‘what if’


I pine for a palpitation

a sigh, a smile or a shriek

identity of a throb from a tamed beat

it escapes me like that of barren lands

them who know naught of welcoming

never shall they grieve the frozen

never shall they thaw


©Written Frames, 2019

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your fingers weave calligraphy
poignant poetics of pixie dust
amorphous patterns of certainty
bless marking this discolored crust
the erasures swell in ecstasy

sombre is this slumber
that drifts me away
unshackled from sweet dungeon of your sight
With a key of bliss blooming with thy smile
I dim my eyes; still dreaming??

the skittering venture of a pebble,
with ripples of ardour over the waters so serene,
drops with the last symphony of flute
yours fingers play on the trail to paradise
aligning my sighs, the skin magnetized

dropped and drowning in drowsiness
held in a dreamy ditch, I wait
sinusoidal chariots of blue to come
wash me away to the shores, my soul marooned
for you to pick the pebble again

play with me
cradling my desires, insomniac.

©Written Frames, 2018

Say Peek-A-Boo


Laden eyelids curtain yellow stained sclera

It falls. Debilitating. Sun-baked and bleak.

Eye lashes wither away by turns

Whisk off towards faraway clarion

Luring chime pantomimes her wish for hope

Rest on a slipping palm to swear


She blew and it flown

Into the sky, briskly burnt by the dominant eye

Ash sprinkles in patterns of an omen

Cold shouldered behind the shade of a cryptic cloud

I seek your emergence

Say Peek-A-Boo!


Vestigial wings on wrinkled terrestrial body

Land borne vision ventures towards horizon

Shudders with the masked face running across the green

Halt. Take off. Snare me I plead

Say Peek-A-Boo!


Walking dead and bowed head

Crisp sight to behold the sights infinite

Yet so devoid of you

Where are you?


You exist.


I exist.


Do WE exist?


Perhaps we do. I know we do.


Beyond the skies, beyond the horizon we shall meet

In the space lit with fire

It burns covertly

Of what remains of body, wet eyelash and ash


My hands unfurl on your face

Brightened eyes nude of wait state

A wink, a gaze, world swirls with craze

An engulfing smile daunts distance left dazed

Free of fate and fleeting time

Whispering lips

Shivering words

We unite

We say Peek-A-Boo!


I seek you.

I need to see you.



©Written Frames, 2017

P.S. One day we will meet for sure!!