the one who lose them,

they are known for years



the ones who lose me alike

do they know me for years?


we intersect at a time,

else were the parallel lines,

where a bifurcation begins


yet we collide,

our hands held for a while

foreshadows a third road,

somewhere it to be laid

for us to walk together then




we tread on a bridge of crumbling cards,

the game is lost since the start,

but, a few steps are firm to fall

only if we tell a spade from a heart,

as yearnings never forsake

a living hearth burning of love


perhaps”, I say

as my heart burns now


©Written Frames, 2018

Uncertainty is yet an another indication to your undeniable affinity towards the source of it.






Where is my heart?


Where is my heart?

You hear, swallowed in the layers of flesh

Mortal murmurs of yearning egress

Recoils from the flesh of uncertainty this skin is layered with


Uncertainty of shifting muse

You see, the balance beneath my chest displaced

Sideways, where shackled heart does lie chafed

Weighed and decrepit to lift a will


Torn equilibrium of the willing

You feel, the ache at the feat of desires

Crushed under the run of contrast decisions on fire

Wronged congeniality with societal norms gravitates


Pleasant pull of gravity

You know, protruding eye of skies downpour

Reflect into rivulets, they travel down the slope

Certitude of oceans absorb them in


Where is my heart?

You shalt witness the upfront roar of the afraid

Twirl about the pivot, rusted will to persuade

Cuffs of newborn shattered to smithereens


Where is my heart?

Here is my heart, O you carry if worthy

Placed on your palms it quivers at your mercy

And with a courtesy, “Where is your heart?”


You answer me


©Written Frames, 2018

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