let me be


why don’t you look at me?

do you see demons in me?

and the demons of hurt ego you hide

you hide, is that what you want to be?


why don’t you talk to me?

is it the rattle and ring of words I may say, or my voice shrewd?

I am drilling holes in your gut and tongue

bittering your taste, mocking your permeating anger


why don’t you pick on me?

thrash me breathless with your slurring speech

your skin swamped with hot-spills of blood,

perforations with my name engraved oozing of it


talk to me, talk to me, talk to me

have I noticed before your clasped lips;

passively humming a song – let me be

trodden like an autumn leave, betrayed

let me be, let me be, let me be

catapulted on the shore naked

let me be, let me be, let me be


tell me

where does your moon-eclipsed eyes settle?

even the void in your smile matters

do not look away, hold me naive in your view

and know your name breathing on my tongue

resonating in my lungs, begging to stay


will you kiss me if I pucker my lips now?

will you poison my senses with sweet love?

birds in my heart still leave their nest

echo of conch shells summoning my respect

furtive glances capture you afar and worthy

I behest, smiling to my own a mercy

let me be, let me be, let me be

a seeker and you darling, why leave me thirsty?


©Written Frames, 2019

Make me believe


a multitude of leaves yellowed and dried

with a finger on lip

a few bit their tongue tip

doomed to be crushed, silently they lie

or am I deaf? No, none of them cried;

seasonally promised of rebirth-

they believed


so are we? we are parched and dried,

plucked from our hives, tired of our fights

flown off to faraway lands- barren and bare

no roots to provide refuge and no touch of care

will we ever bloom again?

do we deserve another shower of rain?


make me believe we do

I will bloom, I long for you.


To believe is not about what you think is right. To believe is to hang on to something you wish to exist.

To believe is to hope.


© Written Frames, 2018


What shall I write to you?


What shall I write to you, is there something you do not know?

What you breathe out is what I breathe in, is this how love grows?


What shall I read to you, is it my vocals that you desire?

Tuned to my heart rhythms, how you decipher my mute eyes on fire ….


Siege me, I am taken in your spell of us or have I been darn mistaken?

Your sweet touch lures me, I am a drooping sunflower so sun-forsaken ….


What shall I give to you, is it the tarnished me you long for?

I yield myself to you and will do, a word to you I give, if not more …..


©Written Frames, 2018

Not that I often write about you, but when I do it is always a poem.

The Noose


cloistered jars of pickles and sweets

ferment in fury behind the doors ajar,

festooning you with an impulse to peep

the froth and fumes of constricted love


strenuous breaths with sneeze and cough

scent of flowers congests your nostrils,

mouth-breathing the glory of the days gone

you question my mournful mouldering


as if nothing happened…


©Written Frames, 2018

Freedom in love makes you fall in love with chains and shackles of it, willingly!





Flowers bloom, but wilt
Bespeaks of morrow’s quest, a change
Of a life lived and sustained

Love thrives and booms, the firelight fades
A living accustomed to heart throbs
Once were desirous, now mundane

Between us, the land of roses laments dry
From being loved, and then unloved
For your rose had caught an evil eye

You plucked them all out, a maddening sprouts
That even weeds left us two alone
On the barren land with her soils eroding…..


©Written Frames, 2018

You fight, so to win and you fight for love only to loose.

Take me


Your elegant touch

On my diligently hushed skin

With soapy mousse crowned

Smear forth the froth

Knead my skin in layers of you


See that spot on spicy smiles

A brilliant blink blooms in eyes

Nibble tease on my neck

Misty mirror cast bedimmed reflections

Shy of exquisite initials etched


In your arms-cage

Captivated and surrendered

Desires so restrained exhaled

Dripping from your lips

Dreamlike flames

Sipping the sap of your soul I seek


Slurping lips, interlaced grips

Ah!! With a splash we dash

Entwined ecstasy

Dance of dangling droplets

Heat radiates from the gaps

Steamy surmounted frames

In between a rainbow does rise


I am a vagabond and you are my ride

Take me to the places

I sigh



©Written Frames, 2017