Stink of water clogged

irks nose and a happy tongue

Fruits of rooted soul

 …  …  …

Dynamics of life

Stagnant water or still trees

Perspective matters


There is a teacher I remember who asked us to adopt change. She provided her stance with a comparison done to stagnant water and asked if we being hesitant to change, would like to stink for sticking to one situation, one manner or one fashion of living.

I wondered why to compare with still water, why not with magnificent trees standing tall for years and years to come. Such kind beings to bear sweet fruits of generosity!!

It is not necessary for a solution, an advice to work for all of us.

We all have varied needs.

Do not let them make you feel any less.

Embrace yourself!


©Written Frames, 2017




Had grown in a garden

Or in a lonely corner of a house

A flower is a flower


Love yourself for what you are ❤ ❤

P.S.  My mornings were happy to see a life blooming into beauty. I have seen it budding, growing and blooming. And I have to see it wilting.  Nothing stays forever.

Make the best out of a moment.

©Written Frames, 2017


The winter I felt


Cool breeze grazes
My glacial nose
And those fuzzy brows
Water frozen on my hair
Shines like a diamond band
As I cycle to my home
Silence speaks of the days
I chose not to talk

I ride, I ride, I ride

Everything give me chills
But not your hand on my skin
No, not anymore
Winter is coming,
Though winter had arrived long ago.

Winter is the trademark to remind me how I felt with you and so without you.

©Written Frames, 2017


Am I brave enough?


Clinging to my not so homey bed
Curtains drawn to its full length
Let me pretend it still be night
Am I brave enough,
To let through the morning light?

An unused pen lost its sense,
Blank paper got crushed in offense
Soulful words erode in inkless violence
Am I brave enough,
To challenge myself being hesitant?

Stuck with a job sans interest
Paper, sheets flutter in sordid silence
A blue chair weighs down with a mind-dead witness
Am I brave enough,
To risk my comfortable consistence?

A lover kept behind the shades
Memories lurking inside don’t fade
Ego clashes splash colorless blood on blades
Am I brave enough
To Let go of relation, so secluded to be a soul mate?

O there, a distant cry derails my caprice
Baffled at the familiar tease
Here I braved for a peak
Blatant sight of Sun and my innocent sins
I see a stark scenery failed to please.

All I foresee is bare land and regret
The dreams I pretend to forget
What to sow and what to beget
I flinch, I shrink, I sweat
No, I am not brave enough yet!!

© Written Frames, 2017