nobody is right, nobody is wrong

in the wrong, we find right

and in the right, a wrong


rippled in mirages is morality

a fallacy adorned with adulation

the far we have come, where

everybody is right with modest wrong

pure is not pure, but adulterated


produce of over-trodden land

infused with sweetener and pest control

adulterated is new pure, a new want

ample fruit bearing of modelled green

so sweet, so delectable



PS. If not poetry, what else will qualify to refine the effervescence of wandering thoughts. The thought of good and bad is perennial and keeps you in loop forever. I wonder if to do wrong is a new want, a new desire, adapting to the rainbow of attributes that a heart casts and breathes perfection to survive the modern. All white is outdated, when we have all the colors to play with.

 We are neither right, nor wrong. We are right in wrong and wrong in right. We are adulterated and it is the purest form of us.


©Written Frames, 2018

Pic credit goes to my dear friend Diana. Thank you!


Am I valuable?


Summer skyline shimmers of gold

Sweating pits and his brow arc so taut

And there she stands astray, her hemline clutched

Her beauty shivers cold; wonders what went wrong

O damn, for him she was way too hot!!


Now ask the one who is winter froze

A hug with truthful warmth is what he sought

The heat of her eyes burns the stoned,

It melts the heart who has forsaken love for long


O poor you! Look for the value at right place

Be a droplet of water to a barren land

Ah, dear moon to the parched palate


No, not to the vast blue sea

Blue in blue ticks nothing to memory

You will be lost unnoticed


Make a difference.



© Written Frames, 2017




Stink of water clogged

irks nose and a happy tongue

Fruits of rooted soul

 …  …  …

Dynamics of life

Stagnant water or still trees

Perspective matters


There is a teacher I remember who asked us to adopt change. She provided her stance with a comparison done to stagnant water and asked if we being hesitant to change, would like to stink for sticking to one situation, one manner or one fashion of living.

I wondered why to compare with still water, why not with magnificent trees standing tall for years and years to come. Such kind beings to bear sweet fruits of generosity!!

It is not necessary for a solution, an advice to work for all of us.

We all have varied needs.

Do not let them make you feel any less.

Embrace yourself!


©Written Frames, 2017


Truth- A Perspective


A perspective is a matrix

Ordered mish-mash of thoughts,

A picture with broken pieces

Put together in patient slots.


Great minds at work

Oblivious to what I have to say

Evolve the concepts in solitude,

Called ‘Complete The Picture’ play.


What I see is what I believe

My poor eyes shamed my intellect

Threads weave together a fabric,

Majestic stories I tend to forget.


What is right, what is wrong?

A delusion we failed to uncover

Respect what each has to say,

For every mind has its own to deliver.