Blame the Wind


Is it too pestering on my part;

So to dream and demand?


Such sweet wafts of boding wind,

To carry my terribly trepid lips


Mounted on wings of a dainty dove,

Settling on your lips with love


Unreproved purveyors of touch,

Excuses of love are such


Playful stunt of innocent eyes,

Clueless of uncharted breaths, we spy


For clues of implicit queries posed,

Blame the wind for your heart, thus exposed


Blame the wind for the blinds are drawn

Love is blind and we are its ocular pawns


©Written Frames, 2018

The urge


Faithful convulsion of yesterday replays its rumble
Your mahogany colored lips singe my heart of today
Eyes submit in romance with inflaming orange blush
The smile left on my lips has a sweet scent of you
My oceans dribble of you. I am thinking of you.

Often I do,
I trace the anfractuous trajectory from your eyes to lips
Stealing the moment from my memory of enigmatic bliss
A timeless captive of the grip that had my tongue seized
Look at me, I look at you with thwarted breath of dawning spring
O dear, do you discern my desires confabulating tomorrow’s kiss?

Drink the urges out of me

©Written Frames, 2018

Though every moment is complete in itself, some are sought to be happening again and again ……



My dearest

Birds are chirping,

The leaves not so dry

Rustling under harmonious piping

Of squinting sunrays

Seek thy attention before them fall;


It is today

When the grated heart of past is layered,

And you still in the bed

Me glaring at you

For the whole night I hope,

But, still could not visualize your features

Perhaps it is in dreams where the real comes true!


A droplet,

Struggling on your cheeks

Seeks an identity, however

It sways with the stretch of your lips

My soft nibbles on them

I am so obstinate

O I leaned heavy over them too

Loved and lost

Those tears we shared,

We were happily sad together!


And there with that caress of my lips

Against your warm skin

I do sweep it all

I am empowered west wind

With the touch of my hand

O on your beautiful, beautiful eyes

Though closed, yet a promise to shed no more

Flakes of remembrance and tears

I do bear, so you would that I know

Without you to touch, I would be an empty shore


Oh I leave, I have to!



©Written Frames, 2017










She is the reason #3


She puckered her lips

Passionately she placed on mine

And in the folds of time

I have lost myself

Rubbing my eyes opened to what

Is past or what is right?

As if I have lived my prime

In her warm rosy breath,

Embraced, loved and forgiven

In the chills of winter vibes

Layered with her scent of skin

I survived.


And there in her premises

I thought I nearly died;

Oh how she looked at me!

Or how I looked at her!!

She with her closed eyes

Those lethal lips she did pout

Still stick to mine

I witness my rise and fall

In the same moment, under one sky

Her beautiful locks held my hope,

She took my breath away

As I wish to ascend as a more human tonight.


© Written Frames, 2017