Can I be a verb?


Can I be a verb?

Without a verb, nouns will rot in one place
Without a verb, a feeling so in numb state
What to perceive, what to convey
Without a verb, between you and I there is a lot to miscalculate

I _ you

I wonder how to say
I liked you
I adored you
I loved you

And those hearsays
About my whispering heart
Clad of love, unearthing the past layers of dirt
So to bloom and hope to portray
Do you hear them say?

I am still, but still
I love you
I miss you
I await you.

It says, but do you hear them right?

My shield of silence against your pike of pride
Being hurt of your carelessness
And your ego uptight
The words never drilled out bright
From the layers of doubt you filled me with

But It never meant and it never will,
The things you think of me
The end you think of us
That not anymore
I love you
I need you


I am over you
That I hate you

See me through you
O dear, read me through
My unpolished surface
I glance right back at you

And I ask
Can I be a verb?

I will be if I may
For you to perceive it all in my voice
Can I be a verb of my choice?


©Written Frames, 2017