You dream


With aerial wings you fly

Steady walk on earth

In between a spark of fire

Your eyes reflecting with mirth


Valiantly you proceed,

Deploring lips do stammer

Your face so intrepid

Falters the fate you do not flatter

The destined temptations

O dear, nothing can pin you down


Outspread your arms and embosom

The erosion and bloom of times

Breathe in the mist, the dust and the sky

Be the earth to flourish,

A base for minute to magnify

O you just close your eyes

And dream


You dream

And, the sky will fall

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun

Will bow to your wishful calls

Of a soul so firm and persevering

To catch a glimpse of galaxies

In your eyes it is shimmering


O dear, you just dream

And everything will follow



©Written Frames, 2017


She is the reason #3


She puckered her lips

Passionately she placed on mine

And in the folds of time

I have lost myself

Rubbing my eyes opened to what

Is past or what is right?

As if I have lived my prime

In her warm rosy breath,

Embraced, loved and forgiven

In the chills of winter vibes

Layered with her scent of skin

I survived.


And there in her premises

I thought I nearly died;

Oh how she looked at me!

Or how I looked at her!!

She with her closed eyes

Those lethal lips she did pout

Still stick to mine

I witness my rise and fall

In the same moment, under one sky

Her beautiful locks held my hope,

She took my breath away

As I wish to ascend as a more human tonight.


© Written Frames, 2017