What kind of dreams come true?


oblivious of what we people want

we weave dreams, illusive ones

which we never intend to support


we cry for inevitable

one anyway dies, one anyway lives, sooner or later

talons of fate for sure know how to collar

an iota of odds in favor, then eluding dreamer’s eye

in fact, the stage is set with a backdrop of failed trials


days and nights abound, we circle around

inquiring about the bull’s eye and what’s such in rage,

by then the passion of bowstring fades; the fancies

found in shoreline art weeping with receding waves,

lines in the palm portraying a different shape


we cry, we curse, we criticize,

and we lie to ourselves (Yes, to ourselves!)

forging a false belief, altering a dream within a dream

and, accept the unprecedented as our destiny

as if we humans are obedient kids, know not to rebel


I wonder how we surrender

to the upkeep, to the promises, to the luxury, to the assured bright

of future we hold our hope in

unless the promised timeline coincides,

future is what if not tomorrow’s ‘today’s time’?


I ponder what kind of dreams come true

or is it the dreamer who has more potential than you?

why do you agree to leave things behind, the things that are dear to you?

and hold on to things you never wish to?


the dreamer within is in deep sleep

with saddened beat and smothered heat

lips are bitten with a blemishing smile of a victim

scared and slaved to breathe, we lie there in hope-

to get hunt by fate in any shape, in any form

for the rebel inside us is no more


when standing in a desert with deserted hope

wondering what rivers to quest

having no thirst to quench anymore…..?


© Written Frames,2018

You dream


With aerial wings you fly

Steady walk on earth

In between a spark of fire

Your eyes reflecting with mirth


Valiantly you proceed,

Deploring lips do stammer

Your face so intrepid

Falters the fate you do not flatter

The destined temptations

O dear, nothing can pin you down


Outspread your arms and embosom

The erosion and bloom of times

Breathe in the mist, the dust and the sky

Be the earth to flourish,

A base for minute to magnify

O you just close your eyes

And dream


You dream

And, the sky will fall

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun

Will bow to your wishful calls

Of a soul so firm and persevering

To catch a glimpse of galaxies

In your eyes it is shimmering


O dear, you just dream

And everything will follow



©Written Frames, 2017


Petals of my memory of you


Beautiful vermilion shades

Flowers of the verdant times

Plucked before it withers away

Into the air, into the dirt

Tramped and crushed,

A yellow pestilence

And a white shroud

That weeps

With a sore pair of eyes


O precious ones, once in a lifetime

Bloom in my hands

Rest in my laps

O dear! an olfactory pleasure

And my sense deluded

The ephemeral existence,

Delectation I seek

With a smile that adorns my lips

-Yes, I am loved


Those flowers, bearers of a heart

Reminder of a lover to his beloved

Taint in its place

It rots in moonlight daze

For the branch that sustains

A life so hopeful of subsistence

Lost in the flood of fate




Memories of him who is gone

Though entwined with my soul

Are preserved like those petals,

Now they ornament my workplace

Of time that weeps

Fate stricken,

A story of two sore pair of eyes

Promised of one future


O yes, I was loved!


©Written Frames, 2017



My dearest

Birds are chirping,

The leaves not so dry

Rustling under harmonious piping

Of squinting sunrays

Seek thy attention before them fall;


It is today

When the grated heart of past is layered,

And you still in the bed

Me glaring at you

For the whole night I hope,

But, still could not visualize your features

Perhaps it is in dreams where the real comes true!


A droplet,

Struggling on your cheeks

Seeks an identity, however

It sways with the stretch of your lips

My soft nibbles on them

I am so obstinate

O I leaned heavy over them too

Loved and lost

Those tears we shared,

We were happily sad together!


And there with that caress of my lips

Against your warm skin

I do sweep it all

I am empowered west wind

With the touch of my hand

O on your beautiful, beautiful eyes

Though closed, yet a promise to shed no more

Flakes of remembrance and tears

I do bear, so you would that I know

Without you to touch, I would be an empty shore


Oh I leave, I have to!



©Written Frames, 2017










An Accident


She was an accident

Which he met with, coincidentally

The day both were feeling unloved

While sun sets its crease,

Near the horizon it flutters in cold breeze.

She was dark, he was light,

She was bruised, he was in plight,

Both were victims of each other

For love was the puppeteer,

Overruled them against the odds

Fate and freedom were never so kind

To bind the bond together.


© Written Frames, 2017