You & Me


In me there is you,
But in you there is no me.
Happy, merry
In the elevator
Yes, together!
We climbed
Fashionably kissing
And you said
‘I love you’.
At your place,
We got high
We made love
And time came
When you urged
Me to go back.
You said,
‘No’ to stay together.

You said ‘No’
For once again,
As there is no me in you.
To you, I am
A reason of interruption
An excuse of disturbance
Friendship of convenience.
You pushed me away
Once again.
You know
About my bad trips
Did you then wonder
My whereabouts?
How I feel?
No. You did not.
Sleep, an excuse,
Is more important.

In same lift again,
Together, but not so together
We stood
In downgraded-fashion,
Unknowingly silent
You are an escapee
Pretender to pretend
As if nothing happened.
To ignore
My silent sighs
My unrevealed tears
And cracked up expectations.
Disturbed, agonized
You left me there
At my doorstep
Me to condole
With a liner
‘I give what I need to.’

I felt deserted,
What did you do then?
Again you ignored
The fact that
I am low.
And you moved on.
What we have
Is different from
What we had
For your silence and
Is Ruining
what we had as
You & Me ……& US.

© Written Frames, 2017