what are eyes without any light,

if not in love?

If not dreaming?


I am soaked in my bed

imbued with darkness all around

such is the roof I know

that cannot have my wanderings bound


there I see many suns rising

and many a moon does shine

eternal sprouting of yearning and ache,

satiates as a day breaks into infinite


the days we have spent,

and, yet a life to spend with you


singular is my love for you

with multitude of hues imparted

sky of my skin brims of love and rain

there rainbows gleam un-thwarted


rapacious is the deluge of my desires

thinking of you, longing for you

lower your embankments as I knock

as your heart echoes, ‘I love you too’


embrace me whole

drenching you, quenching you…


©Written Frames, 2018

Love and dreams know no bounds. It wanders in quest of passion and perseverance.


You dream


With aerial wings you fly

Steady walk on earth

In between a spark of fire

Your eyes reflecting with mirth


Valiantly you proceed,

Deploring lips do stammer

Your face so intrepid

Falters the fate you do not flatter

The destined temptations

O dear, nothing can pin you down


Outspread your arms and embosom

The erosion and bloom of times

Breathe in the mist, the dust and the sky

Be the earth to flourish,

A base for minute to magnify

O you just close your eyes

And dream


You dream

And, the sky will fall

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun

Will bow to your wishful calls

Of a soul so firm and persevering

To catch a glimpse of galaxies

In your eyes it is shimmering


O dear, you just dream

And everything will follow



©Written Frames, 2017


Untwine Me ..


Untwine me
Of hesitations
With your slender fingers
Running down on me
In lust of love,
Clad in silk
My soul not so knitted
It revives in pleasure
For your shadow does embrace
The burning desire of my fate,
Of dried mouth
And the forgotten face.

I breathe in and release
O your lips, on the move
Surf the waves,
How deeply delicate
Your touch on my skin
The rise and the fall
My sins it placates;
‘I love you’ – I mumbled
A clumsy whisper in your ear
And there you witness
A prolonged tear
Yet to fall, eyes gaped in fear.

You climb me
With toughness
How your athletic body-
Induces vibes into me
-Advances with every paw and pressure,
This close, this hunger
Together we do dine
Your taste dips and spies my lines
Of lips it clutched
I closed my eyes
In peace
For the make-believe
Of the love I tried.

© Written Frames, 2017