I wake up, vowing to live

mornings with missing eyelashes


knowing, I dream a lot

with dreams, I wish whatnot


if a lash lands on your palm; the chances,

forget not to blow it off


knowing, it is coming from me

a dandelion leaf of the magic foreseen


blown into the stardust of universe, and

song of connecting strings


we hold



It was already an hour into the new year and I could not hit the bed just then. My mind runs on a a poetic engine and a poem was so necessary to fuel it up into next gear.

Here is a poem to a year full of dreams and wishes to come true. Happy New Year pals!

❤ ❤

Every day is new and may you do something new each day. Make every moment count.

Lots of love and gratitude for your continuous support!

Hope you like the poem! ❤


©Written Frames, 2019




Petals of my memory of you


Beautiful vermilion shades

Flowers of the verdant times

Plucked before it withers away

Into the air, into the dirt

Tramped and crushed,

A yellow pestilence

And a white shroud

That weeps

With a sore pair of eyes


O precious ones, once in a lifetime

Bloom in my hands

Rest in my laps

O dear! an olfactory pleasure

And my sense deluded

The ephemeral existence,

Delectation I seek

With a smile that adorns my lips

-Yes, I am loved


Those flowers, bearers of a heart

Reminder of a lover to his beloved

Taint in its place

It rots in moonlight daze

For the branch that sustains

A life so hopeful of subsistence

Lost in the flood of fate




Memories of him who is gone

Though entwined with my soul

Are preserved like those petals,

Now they ornament my workplace

Of time that weeps

Fate stricken,

A story of two sore pair of eyes

Promised of one future


O yes, I was loved!


©Written Frames, 2017