Not so common . . .


Brooding eyes ponder

The rare sight of curled up lips,

A tale of extinct.




P.S. There are times when I wonder – Oh is this how I look as I smile!!

Let us make smile a little more common.

Do smile !!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


©Written Frames, 2017


Am I brave enough?


Clinging to my not so homey bed
Curtains drawn to its full length
Let me pretend it still be night
Am I brave enough,
To let through the morning light?

An unused pen lost its sense,
Blank paper got crushed in offense
Soulful words erode in inkless violence
Am I brave enough,
To challenge myself being hesitant?

Stuck with a job sans interest
Paper, sheets flutter in sordid silence
A blue chair weighs down with a mind-dead witness
Am I brave enough,
To risk my comfortable consistence?

A lover kept behind the shades
Memories lurking inside don’t fade
Ego clashes splash colorless blood on blades
Am I brave enough
To Let go of relation, so secluded to be a soul mate?

O there, a distant cry derails my caprice
Baffled at the familiar tease
Here I braved for a peak
Blatant sight of Sun and my innocent sins
I see a stark scenery failed to please.

All I foresee is bare land and regret
The dreams I pretend to forget
What to sow and what to beget
I flinch, I shrink, I sweat
No, I am not brave enough yet!!

© Written Frames, 2017


The Text


Do you remember
That first text,
The one which set up an affair
Between us?
“Your eyes are beautiful”
This is what you said
And I believed
It to be an indication,
A gesture,
A token
Of what they call love.
I did not sleep for days
In excitement,
Witty thoughts,
Smiling at my own fantasies
I adorned
My reality with;
So I could not sleep now-
After years of belief and keep
-In restlessness
Of why and how
These tears of agitation
caress my cheek
As I lie down on my side
And the hand pressed
Against my sighs,
My dreams of ‘Us’ blurred
In silence of dark
I demand not to be heard.

I cried and wiped my eyes,
Broken and questioned
I look at myself
Those pretty ones
Which you liked,
Are befriended
With dark circles;
What a pity!
What for?
I blamed you to the core?
Blame is for my ‘beautiful eyes’
That have turned sore,
We withered so did my eyes
For your love, what else I had to rely
The charm of them is gone
I wonder,
How your heart would afford
To put me back in its throne? 

I lean back and it is the mirror I mourn,
For the closure I finally got.


 © Written Frames, 2017