one of them


gushing wind and the cold night

no soul, no shadow by my side

it is deep and deadly dark inside

shuddering my self-pride,

spewing symptoms of inner blight

tears buffer in the eyes

pleading me guilty

crushing my assumed might


I think of the great good men

the hypocrites, all passing by

in their languid moves of pretense

betraying me with my knowledge

of who am I, but not one of them?


“Who are you?”

Do you ask yourself? I do.


Do I get my answers?

No. I choose not to.


in the dark, I see no one to blame onto

in its sheer silence, I hear no one to my rescue

distraction doesn’t come to me

I am hungry, I am starving, I am mortified

yet so reluctant to feed myself, I decry

having only my ego, my pride on the menu

by no means such hunger-pangs I shall abide


I sleep on it.


©Written Frames, 2019

The skill of escape is mastered by us all.



your fingers weave calligraphy
poignant poetics of pixie dust
amorphous patterns of certainty
bless marking this discolored crust
the erasures swell in ecstasy

sombre is this slumber
that drifts me away
unshackled from sweet dungeon of your sight
With a key of bliss blooming with thy smile
I dim my eyes; still dreaming??

the skittering venture of a pebble,
with ripples of ardour over the waters so serene,
drops with the last symphony of flute
yours fingers play on the trail to paradise
aligning my sighs, the skin magnetized

dropped and drowning in drowsiness
held in a dreamy ditch, I wait
sinusoidal chariots of blue to come
wash me away to the shores, my soul marooned
for you to pick the pebble again

play with me
cradling my desires, insomniac.

©Written Frames, 2018



bars before me
bars before you

and your back towards me

I cannot reach you
you cannot leave me


we need to escape

this delusion of bond
this helplessness of belonging
this cry of carried away hearts


the soul threaded to the glory of past

we relinquished long back
love evaporated from finest of cracks

emerge out of this attire of attachment !!

©Written Frames, 2017