graffiti of time, so layered with grime

lost is her luster, accustomed eyes’ crime


scatter some white, the powder on her rind

cloak of cellophane tape to wrap and bind


stiff is the nude, her transparency chastised

scrape off, such scarred impressions she hide


testimony of love, lust and of dying stars

fingerprints of lost lovers, the skin so marred


embossed in such doleful memoir is her skin

the recital of handprints she was cradled in


gather the latent, dust off these remains

off memory, off complaint, so free of stains


weep, weep, let her weep all she needs

scrub it off, wipe it off, score her skin till it bleeds


behold her blank wall, o the artists enthralled

an exotic art awaits her to cherish and own


she deserves


© Written Frames, 2018

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Charismatic stature of universe

Your skin sojourns the summer sun

Incarnadined glow around the lethal turns

Colors me into disguise of you

Behold me, I breathe gratitude


Your body of bosky mountains and valleys

Flexuous frail under the darkling sky

Breaths of zephyr into my moist pits

Your hair cloud devours the long nights

My eloquence flinches down my gut


You are my arrant actuality

An eternal stop of the wayfarer

Yield into oblivion, see thine ethereal beauty

Perennial lachrymal flow of euphoria

Projects a picture perfect of you, on me


Behold thyself

Follow my sight to know who you are . . .


©Written Frames, 2018


See me then


See me when

When I belong to the sky of dusk

Sun-kissed simmering beauty unwraps the stars under twilight

The fierce falls silent in colorful peace painted with a pen

See me then


See me when

When I dream of the dreams you dream

Of graveled shores teased as you tiptoe the layers of the stream

Beneath the oceans I dwell with wrinkly fingers awake to the melody of passing by wren

See me then


See me when

When I am full of truth and you beside

Truth is fought and you accepted, a flower embosomed in this core of coal

The fist of petals unfurls, your stretched hand for me to hold and den

See me then


See me then

To watch me become forever yours

Till then, until we fall hard enough to rise

We wait!


©Written Frames, 2018

You dream


With aerial wings you fly

Steady walk on earth

In between a spark of fire

Your eyes reflecting with mirth


Valiantly you proceed,

Deploring lips do stammer

Your face so intrepid

Falters the fate you do not flatter

The destined temptations

O dear, nothing can pin you down


Outspread your arms and embosom

The erosion and bloom of times

Breathe in the mist, the dust and the sky

Be the earth to flourish,

A base for minute to magnify

O you just close your eyes

And dream


You dream

And, the sky will fall

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun

Will bow to your wishful calls

Of a soul so firm and persevering

To catch a glimpse of galaxies

In your eyes it is shimmering


O dear, you just dream

And everything will follow



©Written Frames, 2017


She is the reason #3


She puckered her lips

Passionately she placed on mine

And in the folds of time

I have lost myself

Rubbing my eyes opened to what

Is past or what is right?

As if I have lived my prime

In her warm rosy breath,

Embraced, loved and forgiven

In the chills of winter vibes

Layered with her scent of skin

I survived.


And there in her premises

I thought I nearly died;

Oh how she looked at me!

Or how I looked at her!!

She with her closed eyes

Those lethal lips she did pout

Still stick to mine

I witness my rise and fall

In the same moment, under one sky

Her beautiful locks held my hope,

She took my breath away

As I wish to ascend as a more human tonight.


© Written Frames, 2017


Why she swings?


She loves sweets but craves for salt
She smiles and sudden there she halts;
Adorns her beauty, she takes pride
She boasts, she flaunts
Her varying shades of charm,
Glitter of stars in the sky, she indeed does daunt;
Out of blue, restlessly she would prompt
Why the mirror is so focused
Shamelessly on her flaws,
Her pedicured feet, and angrily she stomped
She was busy, now she is bored.


Someone look into her eyes
And see the vortex of varied emotions
How hers never adjust to the right motion
She is ecstatic, then she is sad
Someone please do ask her
What is it so bad
Why she swings?
She gets agitated and smirked
Will you please stop this non-sense?
With stance she announced her muse
What else will swing, if not mood
Childhood is long gone, my dear!!

© Written Frames, 2017



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