a maiden morning ray

is all what it takes

hush a heart, writhing

woeful and ashamed


now that I am up, agonized

life treads, turns up gray

night snarls at me,

pardoned with eyes awake


blissfully proud and drifted away

in diurnal deeds of forte,

singing songs of merry

of facade, foibles disobeyed


©Written Frames, 2018






13 thoughts on “Awake

  1. When there is just the still pre-dawn, and our own thoughts …. how vulnerable we are even if there is another body sleeping near. A mask has been long removed and we are left with our inner voice chasing an errant heartbeat. Your writing captures the moment so well, and the image has me …. craving the freshest cake from a roadside vendor!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t you remind me of those delicious, delicate cakes! I never experienced my craving for sweets until then. Not sure if it was the taste of pastry that lingers in my mouth or the sweet memory of the companion and her smiles throughout!

      Thank you D for the lovely comment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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