The Night


Thousands of reflections live the flicker and ripple of water, intrigued with the flirtatious graze of breeze on it. The buildings are half lit and the city dwellers are almost slept. The street lamps glow in its purposeful glory to shine through the darkest corners of this prolonged night. Anything that claims the empty streets is neither living nor dead, but shadows.

And here I stand, all by myself, with this world around me as my solitude. The cumulonimbus cloud of the cigarettes I puff shapes silent towers of ignorance around me. The view of gleaming water stirs a saddle of thought in the stagnancy of noise and debris this mind is filled with. There is a tacit silence in the air, the kind of consent that torments any living cell to scream aloud to itself. How beautifully every source of light seems to reflect just right on this dark-dark night! Perhaps it is in the dark itself, we enjoy the light of few and so the light within.

I am thoughtful tonight and so I am since many nights, finding the reason why I live.

Why do you live?

©Written Frames, 2018


32 thoughts on “The Night

  1. I am a faithful reader of you, this fact is well established. And often as a reader, one is left asking “what does the author intend, and what is my interpretation and why do I think it?”

    This time, it’s refreshing to see that you turn the focus on us, your readers. You skillfully pull us into the scene, writing vividly and enticing us to follow you.
    And then end it with a question for us? For anyone out here in the dark.
    We are merely pin pricks of light on your horizon as well. Until with curiosity you come closer to see … that for some of us our reason to live is to glow bright. And illuminate the path for the lost.
    Well written my dear one…

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    • Hope this writ did not put you in much of a thought and kept you away from admiring and captivating Spring beauty… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thank you for your kind attention Dear Diana. I feel so privileged to have you reading me and my words….

      I hope you happen to shine brightest and the most charming to shape my forgetfulness to insouciance …. I wanna be found in your light… 🙂 🙂

      Many Thanks SweetS!

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  2. The picture is so perfect to go with your beautiful thought process. I could feel your solitude, which is not devoid of the awareness of the world around, and how a sensitive soul is never really alone and yet find this secluded space of being. I guess we live to finally feel and know the light within, that can flow just like on the ripples of water in your picture, can be received by those that allow …so together we bask in the essence of it all.

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    • This picture was clicked in Alappuzha, Kerala last year … such a serene and scenic night it was… I am happy you liked the pic 🙂
      You are very right to say how a sensitive soul is never alone.. The other night as I was travelling by the city lake, I was with my confusion and queries crawling on my skin…. shivers and shudders swollen my heart and a smile yet managed to appear when I was asked ‘what happened?’ …
      Yes, we live to find the light within… a spark to capture the eyes who is accustomed to the dark…
      Thanks again my dear!

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      • Sidharth

        Yea I find nights quite fascinating because personally speaking regardless of how torturous the day might be, it’s in the tranquility of the night time when one could heal by being in synch with the beauty of the moment. This post was certainly quite relatable hence I found it very interesting and pleasure was all mine to randomly stumble upon your glorious post ☺️.

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  3. Not sure wether it’s the similar feeling of solitude and the words giving a company or the beauty you are able to endeavour by these words that make me go awe and leave everything to capture the silence your words have..!! I really love it❤️

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    • I think it is the power of our empathetic hearts that we feel the beauty of such knowledge of peace at the hand of solitude…..

      Empathy is what connects all of us.. 🙂 🙂

      Many thanks Palak. More love to you sweetheart! ❤

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  4. Such intriguing writing!
    And I think life is a miracle. Our lives are meaningful to others, even when we don’t see it or feel it.
    Just on one level, for starters, you have enriched our lives with your writing 🌸

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  5. sherin

    If i say this will you be angry? I consider you as a nice person and a good friend. So i am saying this. Ladki ho na, math karo smoking please…


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