First time


we demand ignorance

negotiate over the ‘first time’

a dilettante at recording happenings

as the present segues to the past

in a blink, in a click


the tongue slays

burnt stubs rest in ashtray

we smolder to live the mistakes

cinders multiply and the experience stays


archetypal complexion of blue skies

always a first time

dark and clouded, it rains

first cry, first love, first ache

fails us, in itself it never fails


‘The first’ happens and plays

a buttress for ‘the second’

‘The third’ to lose or gain


steps stumble


©Written Frames, 2018


P.S. The first time moments trigger a will to live this life. This picture was taken on my first ever visit to a beach. It took me 24 years to see the mighty waves sing a lullaby of forever to this frail heart of mine. I surrendered to the beauty of it and there is no single morning after, that I did not wish to wake up by the sound of waters flowing…..



30 thoughts on “First time

  1. This is freaking fabulous! The image, the intelligence of the words wrapping around me and seeping into my thoughts. It’s a stunning piece Shefi, you have me reflecting on the wonderful firsts of my past and the firsts that are yet to come.
    Thank you for such a sublime fistful of profound! This writing will stand the test of time.

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    • This poem is more of a thought and question on the first times that did not turn out well… how we excuse ourselves from situations and tag them as first time mistakes, lies…

      This poem reflects a moment of happiness for why first times are intriguing and motivate to have few more first times and moments…first love…..first kiss……

      First times may fail us but it never fails in itself for first times are meant to happen and leave the impressions for forever on the wall newly cemented.

      First time ignites us well, and the smolders of the life already lost calls for the experience we had when we had been burning…..

      I did not expect you to receive this piece with such appreciation. You warmed my heart. Thank you!

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on The Wandering Armadillo and commented:
    As an Australian, it is sometimes hard for me to appreciate that some may not see the ocean until they are decades into their lives. Perhaps never…
    There are so many other firsts in life, and @Written Frames makes us ponder them with this great piece of writing!

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    • Hooray moment! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      It is an honor to be re-blogged by you…

      And to shock you… it took my mom 58 years to see a beach… how diverse our lives are dear Diana!… we live around the ocean…only a portion of perimeter at hand… but possibilities to travel across only if we are ready and to risk… 🙂

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  3. Such a huge lump in my throat …. your words are beyond description! You blow me away, Shefali! New beginnings, firsts … every time we do something to me is a “first” for the “time”, the “day”, the “circumstance” differs in a very unique way. Thus, a new first.
    Why the lump in throat? I’ve been to the ocean and I dream to this day of those days. My desire, my dream is to live near the ocean. There is something so magnetic as the waves ebb and flow. I can just imagine your awe as you sat on the sand just to BE with those waves. 💞

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  4. sherin

    So, Shefali i admit you are such a nature lover or sea lover. if you ask me if a writer can write about love beautifully without falling in love i would say yes. But again the word experiences comes to mind. You must have loved or missed someone special in real life, maybe a lover. Is that right? Just asked out of curiousity. No need to answer if you don’t want to, okay?


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