Be a man, revered

Not the rank you proudly hold,

Work speaks for itself


Why at times we have to come up with sugar coated words, and hide our disappointment and annoyance at them? Is it us being sophisticated and civilized, not to say a word before them, but to bitch at their back?

I have seen people holding an important position, adulated and bootlicked which is mistaken for respect and reverence.

But are they aware that it is not their character or work which is cherished but the fear of their position? I wonder if demeaning nature of power and post can be fathomed by the preachers of it.

What would you prefer? Being just labelled or respected?

Label adds to the value; however, I wonder if one short of values can actually be at peace with just one labelled value?

Integrity and value is something that unites the materialistic you and the spiritual you.

Who doesn’t wish for a peaceful sleep?

Integrity is a preference given to you to be yourself when everyone wishes to be someone else.

Love what you do and do it with an honor for self.

Save yourself.

❤ ❤ ❤




© Written Frames, 2017