Let us be simply human


Of skin
Of hair
The colors differentiate
Of birth
Of language
The origin to negotiate
Of creed
Of religion
Which god to advocate?
Of gender
Of choice
Sexuality questionnaire
Of privilege
Of status
Render respect or relegate?
Society doesn’t hesitate,
A cacophony of dogmatic tastes
It questions
It criticizes
It blames;

Did we have a choice?

But we have a choice to voice.

Seeds of life scatter all around
Variety of dishes is to tongue
So diversity is to ground
We are many, yet one
We are with differences yet equal
We are earth, air and space
We are water and fire
We coexist, variance to embrace
Why to call names
One over another to encroach and claim?
Let us be wise and enlightened
Let us be at peace together
Black or white, man or woman
Hindu or Muslim, rich or poor?
Leave the differences,
Let us be in fusion
Let us be simply human.

© Written Frames, 2017