Friend of loneliness..


I am a bulb

Flickering in my forgotten state,

The nights we were in love

The moments we had in crumbs,

Your eyes and my presence

The dreams we have seen together,

I have seen you cry; I have seen you smile

In the state of introspection of the past you hide,

I was the Sun to your dark thoughts

Let you see yourself, which they don’t,

Your words you wrote in my bright

I was your solace,

I was your hand to hold

And a body to hide behind,

In my light, you broke and brimmed with pride

I have seen it all

I have kept it all

Secrets I keep, my dear friend.


However, I am a bulb,

Flickering in my forgotten state,

The nights of love are over

Without my light, I am a loner,

Now that I am old and I flicker

Your eyes are raged as I shiver,

I am cursed for the inconvenience I cause

Wonder how to notice the skies unless there is thunder and roar?

You would look for a brand new love to confide

I am nothing anymore, but a burnt stub kept aside,

The air inside me, bllupppppp!!! It cracked

Will you mourn me? I am your friend of loneliness;

Into the air you would breathe in calm-

Open apart with a broken filament

-I gasped my farewell at last

How unknowingly at peace you were!!!

For you know, I have seen it all,

I have kept it all,

But Secrets I would keep; I promise my friend.



I lie in my bed, contemplating and would stare at the yellow bulb for hours. I wonder if he tries to shine brighter against the odds to let me know he is there for me, listening to me.

Indeed, I was not lonely.

© Written Frames, 2017


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