Why we intend to die?


The blatant cold of winter
Inside it shamelessly resides
Though the sun up there
It does seamlessly glorify
Pitched in dark we love
Why we keep the hide?
Tired and tried
Of failure, fate and customs
All the excuses we do put,
Lovely days forward
Wonder why we intend to die?

It is the very meaning of life that interests me today. How deep the meaning is yet so shallow when defined at the whim of others. They say life is for god to give or take. Then who are we to develop the taste of blood? Who are we to pull the trigger for the life to breathe its last into the vacuum of nothingness?

I wonder of the times I felt it was easier to die than to bear with the difficult situation I was in. How we wish our hearts to stop rather than it to beat with the pain of loss, failures or being deceived or tormented at the hands of destiny.

When will we learn to marvel at our own existence? Do we need to wait for a lunatic to take a life away to make us realize what we have been compromising so far?

Hardships and adversities will never leave our side. The path might be treacherous and scary, but it is the most difficult trails engulfed with walls of sand and stones which lead you to acclaim the beauty of the mountains and the valleys.

Love your life, do what you like. Do not be hesitant of the problems that arrive. Live to cherish every stone turned in your way and remember that resistance is significant to the one who is dynamic.


P.S. Doesn’t matter where it happened, why it happened but it happened and that is a shame.

My deepest sympathies with the ones who suffered.

Pray for people of Las Vegas!

© Written Frames, 2017


4 thoughts on “Why we intend to die?

  1. This is exceptionally meaningful to me Shefali. I particularly like your description of the perilous path; the walls of sand and stones and even glass shards that will tear at our skin. And the faster you run, the more dynamic, the more that resistance there will be… as you say. I agree with everything you offer, and the gratitude that must be present: the respect for life.
    You are a talented writer and your empathy strikes a chord deep in me.

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