Untwine Me ..


Untwine me
Of hesitations
With your slender fingers
Running down on me
In lust of love,
Clad in silk
My soul not so knitted
It revives in pleasure
For your shadow does embrace
The burning desire of my fate,
Of dried mouth
And the forgotten face.

I breathe in and release
O your lips, on the move
Surf the waves,
How deeply delicate
Your touch on my skin
The rise and the fall
My sins it placates;
‘I love you’ – I mumbled
A clumsy whisper in your ear
And there you witness
A prolonged tear
Yet to fall, eyes gaped in fear.

You climb me
With toughness
How your athletic body-
Induces vibes into me
-Advances with every paw and pressure,
This close, this hunger
Together we do dine
Your taste dips and spies my lines
Of lips it clutched
I closed my eyes
In peace
For the make-believe
Of the love I tried.

© Written Frames, 2017


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