Why she swings?


She loves sweets but craves for salt
She smiles and sudden there she halts;
Adorns her beauty, she takes pride
She boasts, she flaunts
Her varying shades of charm,
Glitter of stars in the sky, she indeed does daunt;
Out of blue, restlessly she would prompt
Why the mirror is so focused
Shamelessly on her flaws,
Her pedicured feet, and angrily she stomped
She was busy, now she is bored.


Someone look into her eyes
And see the vortex of varied emotions
How hers never adjust to the right motion
She is ecstatic, then she is sad
Someone please do ask her
What is it so bad
Why she swings?
She gets agitated and smirked
Will you please stop this non-sense?
With stance she announced her muse
What else will swing, if not mood
Childhood is long gone, my dear!!

© Written Frames, 2017



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