The Text


Do you remember
That first text,
The one which set up an affair
Between us?
“Your eyes are beautiful”
This is what you said
And I believed
It to be an indication,
A gesture,
A token
Of what they call love.
I did not sleep for days
In excitement,
Witty thoughts,
Smiling at my own fantasies
I adorned
My reality with;
So I could not sleep now-
After years of belief and keep
-In restlessness
Of why and how
These tears of agitation
caress my cheek
As I lie down on my side
And the hand pressed
Against my sighs,
My dreams of ‘Us’ blurred
In silence of dark
I demand not to be heard.

I cried and wiped my eyes,
Broken and questioned
I look at myself
Those pretty ones
Which you liked,
Are befriended
With dark circles;
What a pity!
What for?
I blamed you to the core?
Blame is for my ‘beautiful eyes’
That have turned sore,
We withered so did my eyes
For your love, what else I had to rely
The charm of them is gone
I wonder,
How your heart would afford
To put me back in its throne? 

I lean back and it is the mirror I mourn,
For the closure I finally got.


 © Written Frames, 2017



A Silent Wish


To feel less

sorry of your mistakes,

your never ending excuses

The way you always make me wait,

All the plans you make-

Promises to spend time together

-Pity! you are always late

You deny it,

That I am taken for granted

Indeed, that’s true mate.

Out of delicacy at heart

Somewhere, you did feel ashamed

However, afraid of self-blame

You launch a silent wish-

For me to act a little selfish,

With my failed foolish flaws

Grooved in my skin

I must wrong myself

With worldly baits

For you to feel less guilty

Of your ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’ traits.



© Written Frames, 2017


An Accident


She was an accident

Which he met with, coincidentally

The day both were feeling unloved

While sun sets its crease,

Near the horizon it flutters in cold breeze.

She was dark, he was light,

She was bruised, he was in plight,

Both were victims of each other

For love was the puppeteer,

Overruled them against the odds

Fate and freedom were never so kind

To bind the bond together.


© Written Frames, 2017


Why she swings?


She loves sweets but craves for salt
She smiles and sudden there she halts;
Adorns her beauty, she takes pride
She boasts, she flaunts
Her varying shades of charm,
Glitter of stars in the sky, she indeed does daunt;
Out of blue, restlessly she would prompt
Why the mirror is so focused
Shamelessly on her flaws,
Her pedicured feet, and angrily she stomped
She was busy, now she is bored.


Someone look into her eyes
And see the vortex of varied emotions
How hers never adjust to the right motion
She is ecstatic, then she is sad
Someone please do ask her
What is it so bad
Why she swings?
She gets agitated and smirked
Will you please stop this non-sense?
With stance she announced her muse
What else will swing, if not mood
Childhood is long gone, my dear!!

© Written Frames, 2017



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She #1


She is the portrait
Painted complex
In black and white
Yet something so
Colorful about her eyes
Look at her,
She looks at you
Follow the trajectory
of her sight
It befalls silently
And the beauty it defines
Uplifts your black,
It illuminated you,
For you to love yourself.

© Written Frames, 2017


Hi All,

This is the new Section I am starting which I would prefer to call ‘She’ for simplicity.

I always find woman to be epitome of subtlety , enigmatic and of poetic conduct as I believe man to be resilient, liberal and with magnanimous heart to bear all and to forgive it all.

Dedicating the verses of  ‘She’  to all  beautiful and strong women out there.

She is the planet of determination and encircles hope to embrace it all for good.

Hope you like it !! ❤